Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary – June 11 through 18

Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary – June 11 through 18

We had a great week with 7 new nests. We’re up to 38 nests compared to 24 at this time last year. Hope it keeps up.

June 11
We have a late addendum to yesterday’s report. Terry and Gary Fansler went to the beach in the afternoon to scout more areas to move nests. Amanda Shilko and Bill Greubel went with them. When they came to the crawl where we couldn’t find a nest in the morning, Bill got out and started probing while the others went on. Bill soon called them to bring supplies to move nest #31 which he had found! 129 total eggs. 128 were moved. That makes it 5 crawls and 5 nests for Saturday. Not too shabby.
This morning, Valerie & Mark Doane & Lisa Hand reported a crawl near boardwalk 2. Jen & Harvey Gibson responded accompanied by their granddaughters and after a lot of probing and digging, Mark found nest #32 with 131 eggs. The nest of the remaining 127 eggs was relocated to higher ground north of boardwalk 6.


June 12
The first two calls came at the same time reporting a total of three crawls. Rob Jerome, Gary Holtz, Mike Vinson and Catherine Scully called with a crawl north of Boardwalk 6. Bill Greubel responded and found Nest #33. The 110 eggs were moved to higher ground.
Veronica L’Allier and Bob Mason called with two crawls at the first house past the club. Bill and Linda Nelson and Jim Lawrence responded. Jim found Nest #34. Bill and Jim moved the nest of 146 eggs to higher ground.

June 13
Vicky & Bob Becker reported two in and out false crawls and then nest #35. Judy Morr found the nest but Bill and Linda Nelson were there helping too as all were digging to find the elusive nest. The 92 eggs were moved north 150 yards to higher ground


June 14
Jim and Jo Eisenhauer, Isabel Romero & Darryl Smith found the crawl which meandered around the beach close to boardwalk 2. Tim Morawski, Terry Fansler & Sandy MacCoss responded. Tim found nest #36 with one probe. The nest had 121 eggs.


June 15
At the southern end of the beach the only crawl of the day was reported by Anne Snelgrove, Gayle Evans, Melanie Jerome, Terry Fansler and Tyler Harrell from the Department of Natural Resources making a site visit. The crawl was past the old pier. Bill and Eileen Middleton responded with Bill finding the eggs quickly. The area was high enough so that nest #37 is in situ. Glad we were able to have some action for Tyler. Terry and Beautsie rode Tyler around the rest of the beach so she would be familiar with our beach and the difficulties we encounter. A good day to have the DNR make their visit.

June 17
We have nest #38! Denisa Collins and her son Clancy found the crawl 200 yards north of the boat launch past the flag at Camp St. Christopher. Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss & Beautsie Zahrn responded. Sandy found the nest on the first probe. The 89 remaining eggs, after the DNA sample, were moved behind the nest to higher ground.
We keep getting nests, A great thing. The season looks very promising so far. The state of South Carolina is on a roll as well, with the best start ever.

Submitted by Gary Fansler

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