Abridged Environmental Committee Minutes – June 13


Emily Carroll, whose parents live on Seabrook Island, is from the Sea World Marine Rescue Team. She gave a dolphin toxicology and recycling presentation. Our local dolphins have the highest amount of plastics, electronics and textiles toxin in the world.

Oak Tree Replacement:

Steve Hirsch reported that the new oak tree is growing well by the horse pasture.


Benches were moved to the other side of the path at the Lake House. The committee voted and approved new signs that include a warning to keep children and pets away from the water. It will be taken to the Board for their approval.

Wildlife Mapping:

Reporting has dropped off a bit. However, turkeys have continued to prevail and multiply. There are less bobcat sightings. Joe asked us to remind residents to report sightings.

Turtle Patrol:

The turtles are nesting in the bird sanctuary area of North Beach which is not supposed to be trod upon. Nests will not be checked everyday.


We are in the middle of the second session of three. There has been a lot of predation by raccoons as well as some snakes.

SI Birders:

The next meeting is on June 28. There are new transmitters for birds that even track specific birds. Red Knots were tagged a few weeks ago. Some have already been sighted in New Jersey. We have the largest flock of Red Knots on the east coast. Nests are migrating closer to the dogs off-leash area on North Beach. Charley will meet with the Seadogs group regarding options.

Highway Litter Control:

Sept. 9 is the next pickup.

-Submitted by Jane Marvin

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