Tech Notes: Streaming Television Checkup – 1 Year Later

Read my article about Streaming Television from Last Year by clicking here.

For this blog post, I thought I would revisit a topic that I introduced to Tidelines last year. The topic is Streaming Television. As the internet that is being delivered into our homes gets faster and faster, it can present you with the option of “cutting the cord” and allowing your television to be streamed wirelessly via your internet. If you were like me, I found that the small amount of time that I watch television didn’t justify the amount of money that I was paying each month for it. So, last year I cut the cord and 1 year later, I can honestly say that I haven’t wanted to go back to traditional cable. I’m still able to watch the same amount of live television that I always watched in the past, and because I was able to save roughly $50-$75 month by stopping cable, those savings have added up for me big time over the past year.

Let’s talk about what’s new and what has changed since we discussed this last year.

Sling TV – still my go-to choice for live TV. Starting at $20/month- this is what I use when I want live news (although still no Fox News or Local News) and my live sporting events. Throughout this year, I could have canceled it anytime, but the thought never crossed my mind. My wife and I also enjoy catching our favorite shows “when they air” versus having to buy the episode from iTunes the following day (although when we missed the show, we did buy the episode for a few dollars the following day via Apple iTunes Store).

Hulu – we talked about this last year for a large selection of previously aired television shows, but since then, Hulu has made Live TV available (starting around $40/month). A bigger selection than Sling and also a feature called Cloud DVR make this one something to look into.

YouTube TV – rumored to be available later this year.  Another streaming television service that starts at $35/month. The verdict is still out on this one as it’s not yet available in South Carolina.

DirecTV NOW – Just started late last year. Offered by AT&T, this is a streaming service that again starts at $35/month for the top channels.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to start looking into this for your television needs:.

1) Since this TV runs entirely on your internet, television cables do not need to be ran throughout your home. This is also why most of these services have no contracts. but……. because it runs on your internet (either wired or wireless), it will require you to possibly improve your wireless signal and strength with a more advanced router with newer technology that gives you better speeds and stronger signals.

2) For those who have multiple residences and pay for television in both places, this will save you even more money. You only need one master account so you’d only need to pay for it one time.

3) Let’s say your TV has died and you’re in the market for a new one anyway. Most TV’s are “Smart” anyway. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a “Non-Smart” TV. Since you’ll buy a new TV anyway, you already be one-step closer to using these services.

For movies, most people I come in contact with already understand that Netflix and Amazon’s monthly services are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to streaming movies, but did you know that Apple and Google also these movies on a “per rental” basis. Why do I bring this up? Let’s say you watch only a few movies each year. Rather than pay over $100/year for Netflix and Amazon, you can rent the movies through Apple (using Apple TV) or Google (using Chromecast) for a few dollars.

The idea of Cord Cutting is really about personalizing what, who, and how much you decide to pay to provide access to live TV and movies and taking control. Chances are, you already pay one of the cable giants for this anyway. Why not take control of this? Tailor it to your individual preferences. If you do it sooner rather than later, you’ll get a jump start on what is inevitably going to become the norm.

Next time, I want to talk to those of you that love music – and I have met quite on Seabrook. Stay tuned!

-Submitted by Chad Droze

Post & Computer Center – Freshfields Village, 843-768-2626,


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