Tri It Kids Triathlon Results

Nineteen amazing kids participated in the Kids Triathlon this morning at the Lake House.  The race included a swim of 3 lengths of the pool (75 yards), a bike ride 2 times around the Lake House (1.6 miles) and a run up to the Town Hall and back to the Lake House (1 mile).

All nineteen are winners, but Luke Barrett had the best time of 20.06 minutes. 

To see the times of the rest of the participants, click here

Below are some pictures of these great kids.

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  1. Two of our granddaughters participated in the Tri and had a terrific time. Jamie’s patience and kindness to the kids and their families made it a huge success, Nic did a wonderful job keeping the event running smoothly, and a hardy contingent of SIPOA Board Activities Committee volunteers made sure everyone got from Point A to Point B without mishap. All the kids were winners. Many thanks to the Lake House staff, especially Jamie and Nic, and to the SIPOA Board’s Activities Committee, for making this event great fun for everyone.

  2. What a great morning. The youth of are Island are great competitors. Fun was had by everyone.

  3. This was such a wonderful day for the kids and parents. So many young eager faces. I loved it all. Thanks to Nick for a job will done.

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