Seabrook Employee Earns Habitat House

Seabrook Island residents are an integral part of Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.  Through their volunteer hours and donations of money and materials, they help provide families with a new home they can call their own.  Seabrookers can now take pride in helping  someone in their community with a “hand up, not a handout.”

Ben Johnson, who works in Course Management at the Club, is a recent recipient  of a Habitat home.  Ben had to put in 350 hours of sweat equity as well as meet other criteria.  He has a 30-year interest-free mortgage.

Ben came to Sea Island Habitat after being referred by his sister, who also works on Seabrook Island and lives on Johns Island. A single dad of four children, Ben was living in a double wide mobile home on his property on Johns Island. (Check out Ben and 3 of his kids on the front steps of their Habitat Home.)  He did all he could do to keep up his house, but between raising four kids by himself and working two jobs, the house began to deteriorate.

With the encouragement of his sister, Ben took the big step of reaching out to Sea Island Habitat. They were excited to partner with this hard working father to create a safe and secure place for him and his family. With volunteer hours and donations, Habitat built a 3 bedroom home on his property.  Now his kids sleep every night knowing the roof won’t be leaking and the walls are secure. Instead of worrying about the house, the Johnsons can concentrate on growing together as a family.

Thank YOU for helping families like the Johnsons. They could not do this without your support!  For more information on Sea Island Habitat for Humanity, click here.

-Tidelines Editor


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2 Responses to Seabrook Employee Earns Habitat House

  1. jane cottingham says:

    luv luv this Habitat and give to them as often as possible .. there are fine folks that pick up for me and always a tip is in order .. super duper organization!

  2. tkfanz says:

    How wonderful for Ben Johnson and his family! It is great to know that one of our community members has worked so hard and earned this wonderful home!

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