Abridged Minutes from Environmental Committee Meeting

Environmental Committee Meeting
July 11, 2017, 10 AM

Joe Stevenot briefly discussed the August 21 Solar Eclipse crossing our area. He shared two books, one for adults and one for children explaining the event. The children’s book and a separate activity book are both titled The Big Eclipse and are published by Orbit Oregon. Great American Eclipse by Michael Zeiler is written for adults. All three books are available through Amazon. The total eclipse will last one minute, eclipse glasses are readily available for safe viewing. It is reported that hotels in the Charleston area are full and Seabrook is 100% rented on the Eclipse Day.

The Common Property Report drafted by an EC task force has not yet been submitted to the Board. It will be at the next meeting. Charley Moore suggested that a gentle reminder should be sent through the EC and ARC to property owners adjacent to water and SIPOA property that it should not be trimmed. It was suggested that Tidelines or the SIPOA Blast would be good communication vehicles to reiterate policies reviewed and incorporated through the Board.

Lead Person Reports:
Joe Stevenot – Wild Life Mapping
Our turkey population seems to have split into two flocks. Each flock tends to move every 4 days or so and has increased by 5 or 6 birds.  At this time there are no natural predators on the island and the flock should continue to grow.

Rich Siegel – Waste Management
The SIPOA staff has quickly cleaned up messes which occasionally appear around the garbage and recycling bins. It seems to be worse during high island use weeks. Cameras are a help in detecting misusers, but not totally effective when visitors are the culprits. Steve Hirsch reports that the recycling service at the center will be increased to two times a week. This should help alleviate stacks of cardboard next to that container. This extra service will continue through the summer. When contacted, Charleston County cannot determine how much garbage and recycling is picked up exclusively on Seabrook.

Dean Morr – Nature Trails
Boardwalk 8 has been braced and steps are now intact. When Boardwalk 1 is replaced, the contractor will keep the reusable boards. Bob Cat Trail is looking like it needs repair, however this has not been budgeted.

OCS Resource Development – Barry Shedrow
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) recently published a request for information and comments for use in the preparation of a new five-year National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program for 2019-2024.  This new leasing program will include the Mid- and South Atlantic OCS Planning Areas that had previously been excluded from consideration by the Obama administration.  In part, BOEM is requesting information and comments regarding the potential environmental and economic impacts of OCS leasing for oil and gas exploration and production in these planning areas.  The new 2019-2024 leasing program presents a significant potential for oil and gas lease sales and associated exploration activities (e.g., seismic surveys) along the southeast U.S. Atlantic outer continental shelf (OCS).

The deadline for submitting comments in response to BOEM’s call for information is August 17, 2017.  The Environmental Committee decided to ask the TOSI town council to express to BOEM the community’s opposition to the new leasing program.  This response is based upon the community’s majority disapproval of any oil and gas leasing, exploration or production-related activity on the southeast Atlantic OCS.  John Turner agreed to raise the issue before the town council.

Blue Bird Liaison – Dean Morr
The final session has begun, it has not been a record year. Plenty of Blue Birds are seen on Seabrook, but apparently are not nesting in our boxes. Predators which were active early in the nesting season are not as prevalent at this time.

Highway Litter Control – Rich Siegel
Next Highway pick up will be on Saturday, Sept. 9. More information on how to participate will be published closer to the date.

John Conyers reports that The Greenspace Conservancy will have a “Green Day” event in September to be held at the Oyster Catcher Property Owner’s Building. Environmental and green concerns on the island will be invited to have presentations. The 24 Conservancy properties (soon to be 25) will be identified for Seabrook residents to actually view what has been saved as the island continues to build.

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover, Communications

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