SIPOA Board of Directors Meeting Notes – July 17

SIPOA Board of Directors Meeting
July 17, 2017

Minutes of the 6/20/17 regular meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – In the operating statements ending June 30, 2017

  • Operating cash decreased almost $78k.
  • Cash receivable decreased by $178k
  • Accounts Receivable decreased by $47k due to continued receipt of assessments.
  • Liability – $1.003k  which was down by $13k
  • Operating Income of $167k was $52k greater than budget.
  • There were 30 real estate closings during June.
  • Commercial access fees were $48k better than budget.
  • Lake house fees are on budget.
  • Environmental was within budget for the month but over budget YTD due to replacement of BW3.
  • Administration was over budget due to General Council expenses resulting from the collection of past due amounts owed to SIPOA.
  • Revenue is $200k better than budget.
  • The Finance Committee discussed a SIPOA emergency reserve fund. They voted against it due to the SIPOA’s $3m emergency Line of Credit and the fact that it could take many years to generate the amount that would be needed in such a reserve.

Executive Director’s Report

  • The installation of new traffic signs has begun.
  • The summer interns are finishing up their research on the lakes/lagoons
  • Public Comment – There were 97 comments on the Election Process Review Report.  These will be prepared for the Board of Directors review.
  • Jennifer Miller has been hired as our new Director of Security.  She started the job 2 weeks ago.
  • On August 21stt, there will be an Island-wide beach solar eclipse event on the Club terrace.  Eclipse glasses will be given to the first 450 people at the event.
  • Fourth of July events were well attended with significant participation in all events.
  • There are 22 new homes under construction and 89 requests for renovations in June.

Appeals from Safety and Security

Appeal of Citation #9984
Appeal of Trash Violation #2902-120

No one was available to speak on either appeal.  The Board will make decisions regarding each appeal based on the information they have.

Executive Committee Report

  • Has requested Legal, Finance and GOMC work together to develop a proposed policy for procurement of goods, services and construction projects, for ultimate approval by the Board.
  • Is currently working with the Special Committee on Housing to develop a plan for implementation of the projects presented to the Board and the Community in January 2017.
  • Will request the Legal Committee to review the public comment received concerning the Special Committee on Election Process and present their conclusions regarding the outstanding issues and any legal concerns to the Special Committee Chairs for their review and potential modifications to the existing report.
  • Requested an insurance loss protection consultant to provide feedback on any suggested changes to the crab dock railings.

Legal Committee Report

  • Worked with Safety and Security on
    -Development of proposed policies regarding private use of drone aircraft.
    -The Integration of Safety and Security policies approved in December 2016 into the current Rules and Regulations.
  • Provided an initial, non-legal review of the report of the Special Committee on Election Process, before public comment occurred.
  • Assisted in drafting a template Easement Agreement for property owners whose property requires direct attachment to SIPOA’s Storm Water system.
  • Revised an agreement regarding repair to the gatehouse resulting from a truck hitting the gatehouse.
  • Responded to other requests and consulted with outside counsel on pending matters relating to delinquencies and rental property issues.

Safety/Security Committee Report

  • Developed a basic security “Rules and Regulations” handout to be given to all persons receiving visitor passes, reminding them of important rules (e.g. speeding, bicycles).
  • Reviewed various violations of the Rules and Regulations, and heard initial appeals of some of these, including trash violations.
  • Drafted a proposed policy on the operation of drone aircraft, including a proposal for a Tidelines post and gathering public comment on the issue.
  • Drafted proposed revisions to the Rules and Regulations to reflect changes to the security policies adopted by the Board in December 2016.
  • Discussed potential regulation of electric powered bicycles and other issues.
  • June Citations/Incident Reports
    Incident Reports:
    -17 medical assists
    -10 residential assists
    -26 resident complaints
    -4 escorts
    -2 lost & found reports
    -13 security observations
    -3 false alarms
    -4 auto accidents
    -1 property damage incident
    -7 assist other agencies
    -13 wildlife assists
    -6 suspicious activity reports
    -3 spills/leaks
  • Citations: There were 44 traffic violations issued in June, which included the following:
    -7 speeding
    -1 no driver license
    -4 trailer violations
    -2 no registration
    -12 no pass displayed
    -1 failure to stop violation
    -14 parking violations
    -1 leaving the scene of a traffic stop
    -1 unlawful passing
    -1 driving on wrong side of road

Activities Committee Report – Nothing to Report

Architectural Review Committee –

  • The Committee is working to pre-approve architectural plans for new homes in an effort to make the process of home building smoother.
  • The Committee held a meeting with several builders to streamline the approval process and to gather their suggestions on making working with the ARC easier.
  • Plans are underway to host a similar meeting with architects.

Communications Committee – Nothing to Report

Environmental Committee Report –

  • The waste management area continues to be a concern. The pick-ups for recycle materials will be doubled.
  • Offshore drilling is again an issue.  Five-year leases will run from 2019-2024.  The Town went on record opposing offshore drilling.  Aug 17, 2017 is deadline for comments on the Town’s opposition.
  • The Turtle Patrol reported 58 nests as of July 10th
  • The Environmental Committee convened a Subcommittee on Common Property.  They discussed how common property (property owned by the SIPOA, TOSI, SINHG, GSC) is maintained, reviewed current policies on landscape maintenance to ensure they are in compliance, and looked at policy changes.  Particular attention was given to areas contiguous with marsh/lakes.  The subcommittee concluded that SIPOA common properties should continue to be maintained while enhancing wildlife habitat.  No policy changes were recommended, but enforcement needs to be consistent. Property around lakes/lagoons should be maintained per ARC rules.

GOMC Committee Report

  • The Committee looked at the crab dock and OCRM permits.  The dock does not require rails, but the Insurance Consultant recommended them.
  • There was minor damage to the new gatehouse when a truck hit it.

Nominating Committee Report

  • The Call for Candidates has gone out.  It was published in the E-blast and on Tidelines.  The ‘Call’ will be followed by articles in The Seabrooker encouraging interest from part-time residents.  A complete packet of materials is available online at
  • Requested BOD directors submit names of possible candidates to the Nominating Committee at
  • The Nominating Committee Chair thanked Heather and staff for their help in preparing for the Call for Candidates.

Long Range Planning Committee Report

  • There was no regular Planning Committee meeting in June.
  • Members of the Committee met with the Chair of the Club’s Planning Committee to look at common issues.  One issue that was mentioned was lack of parking, especially for special events.  They are looking at what might be done to alleviate the parking issue and are working with Steve Hirsch and GOMC on it.

Motions for Board Consideration

  • Approval of Contract with Sunnyside Farms Inc. for four (4) Parking Spaces at Boardwalk 1 – Approved
  • Safety and Security Request for Approval of Request for Public Comment on Policies Concerning Potential Regulation of Private Personal Drone Aircraft – Approved

New Business

  • Acceptance of Property Donation from SIGSC Block 36 Lot 01—2944 Cap’n Sams Road – Approved
  • Acceptance of Property Donation from SIGSC Block 05 Lot 34—2604 Seabrook Island Rd. – Approved

Property Owner Q&A

Jody Turner suggested that the drone issue is more complicated that it appears.  He has looked at what a municipality can do re: drones.

Kevin Dunn questioned whether the stretch room at the Lake House should become a larger area for massages (from the minutes from April – 2017).  He offered that stretching is an important aspect of exercise for people in this demographic.

Kevin Dunn asked if there is a strategy for accepting land from the Green Space Conservancy and does the SIPOA want all properties deeded from the Green Space Conservancy? SIPOA loses some revenue on the undeveloped lots that Green Space deeds over to the POA.

Charles Moore – The Environmental Subcommittee’s recommendations are not yet officially endorsed by the BOD but conform to the policies of the SIPOA.  Are we going enforce trimming on common property?  Without changes to staffing they won’t be enforced.  Property owners value the natural beauty and wildlife habitat of the island.

There was also a comment that the Green Space lots look unkempt because the lots are not cleared of debris/dead trees unless the debris causes a hazard.

-Tidelines Editor

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