Seabrook Island Fishing Hole

We need your help! As you may know, there are many places to fish here on Seabrook Island, but one of them is in danger of being closed to the public because of continued misuse of the property and surrounding land. This popular “fishing hole” area on Cap’n Sams creek, located on Marsh Gate Drive, is clearly designated with rope barriers and signage indicating what is SIPOA’s vs. private property.

SIPOA has received a number of complaints regarding people fishing outside of the designated area, including fishing off of the adjacent property owners’ docks. Just as importantly, some people are also climbing on the rocks/rip-rap, both on SIPOA and private property. This rip-rap was recently installed to stabilize the shoreline. Climbing is dangerous because the rocks are not cemented in place and could slip. If they do, someone could be injured and the fairly expensive seawall, which protects against erosion, could be damaged.

To help document these issues and deter dangerous behavior and trespassing, a camera has now been installed. We strongly urge property owners, their guests and visitors to respect the private property signs and stay within the roped-off SIPOA area to fish. And for your own safety and the long-term stability of the rip-rap, please do not climb on the rocks.

Let’s work together to make sure this wonderful amenity can remain open for Seabrookers’ enjoyment.

-Submitted by Julie McCulloch,
SIPOA Board of Directors

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One Response to Seabrook Island Fishing Hole

  1. Larry Manenede says:

    Thanks for the info and concern and the heads-up on the camera, not that I would intentionally violate any rules and as a new property owner I understand those folks next to the fishing hole can get very upset with some rude behavior to peoples property as well as the environment. As a new property owner and fisherman, I was wondering if there was any listing or maps available on Seabrook fishing opportunities? Thanks again.

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