COVAR Corner Sep Highlights

COVAR’s next meeting will be at 10 AM on Saturday, September 9, 2017, in Live Oak Hall at the Lake House. It will consist of two parts: 1) A presentation by the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) Nominating Committee followed by an open discussion with other meeting attendees and 2) A presentation on the COVAR Board’s initiatives to improve communications from and to the Board among association/regime leaders (for instance, use of GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Skype and other online tools for meetings and development of a COVAR Website) to be followed by an open discussion, as with the first presentation. This format is designed to give the respective presenters and the Board an uninterrupted opportunity to present information to the other attendees while providing the latter with an opportunity to ask questions and provide input for consideration by the Nominating Committee and the Board. It is hoped that this meeting will be well attended. Breaking with recent past tradition, there will be refreshments prior to the meeting, as a welcome back from COVAR’s “summer break.”


During the “break,” the COVAR Board has fielded a series of questions and requests concerning rules for renters and guests. It responded to them providing reference to appropriate Town of Seabrook Island (Town) Ordinances and the SIPOA Rules and Regulations (R&R). It also provided requesters with copies of “COVAR Publication #3 Rules Guests Need to Know” and “COVAR Publication #4 Seabrook Island Beaches,” each of which is a collection of the most pertinent Town Ordinances and SIPOA R&R. The most frequent concerns had to do with rules and regulations governing towels hanging from villa decks (SIPOA R&R page 19), dog limitations within associations/regimes (SIPOA R&R pages 19, 28) and parking limitations within associations/regimes (SIPOA R&R pages 16-18). Regarding the last item, the Board also advised those making inquiries that SIPOA Security will act against drivers who illegally park in association/regime parking areas if the association/regime designates a person to oversee enforcement who can report to and confirm for Security that the vehicle is, indeed, illegally parked. It should be noted that both COVAR Publications cited, above, can be read on and/or downloaded from the SIPOA Website by logging onto the Owners Homepage, selecting “MINUTES & ARCHIVE”, then selecting “COVAR” and finally selecting the desired document.

On August 6, in accordance with the proposal agreed upon by the COVAR Board and those association/regime presidents and representatives attending the March 11, 2017, COVAR General Meeting, the COVAR Board submitted revised COVAR By-laws for approval by each association/regime president. The revised document reflects the product of significant effort by the COVAR Board, including incorporation of input provided by various association/regime officers and villa owners during the revision process. Association/regime presidents were requested to advise the COVAR Secretary, prior to close of business on Tuesday, September 5, as to if they, on behalf of their respective association/regime, approve the By-laws, as revised. I ask all villa owners to check with their respective presidents to see if they have voted on this important document and, if not, please encourage them to do so prior to the September 5 deadline. A quorum of 21 out of the 41 associations/regimes within the Town must vote on this matter for the By-laws to be approved, which makes each association/regime vote essential. A majority of those votes will determine the outcome of this referendum. The results of this vote will be announced at the September 9, COVAR General Meeting.

In closing, a final reminder that the next COVAR meeting will be Saturday, September 9, from 10 AM to 12 Noon at the Lake House. All Seabrookers are welcome to attend.

-Submitted by Allan Keener, President

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