Important Information from the Town of Seabrook Island

Based on information received during the course of a County-wide conference call this afternoon, the Town of Seabrook Island will change its readiness status from Op-Con 5 (normal day to day operations) to Op-Com 4 (preparation for potential disaster event: near normal operations) at noon on Wednesday September 6th. The Town’s actions are being taken consistent with Charleston County’s change in readiness status. The change reflects the significant degree of uncertainty noted this afternoon by the National Weather Service regarding the potential path of Hurricane Irma. The Service has described Irma as a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 180 miles per hour. While Irma is currently headed in a generally westward direction, north of Cuba and toward the Florida Straits, we will not know for a few days whether and the extent to which it will curve northward. Residents are encouraged to begin making preliminary preparations in anticipation of the storm’s impact. The Town will continue to post daily briefings as it obtains additional information from Charleston County.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island



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