Swimming And Boat Alert On The Beach

As Hurricane/Tropical Storm Jose passes us in the Atlantic, it is creating swells that will hit our beach,  The National Weather Service Charleston is warning that conditions may be rough for small watercraft and swimmers.  There is also the danger of rip currents.

According to http://www.weather.gov/chs/beach, we are in the Moderate Level of risk, but this could change as the Jose passes by.

Moderate Level can sometimes be more dangerous than High Level because the beach and surf doesn’t look as rough.  Weather.gov warns us to

“Use caution in the water due to stronger or more frequent rip currents that could be life threatening.”

You might not be able to see the danger, but please take caution.

We have posted information on Rip Currents in the past, including what to do if you get caught in one.  To see that post, click here.

-Tidelines Editors

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