Thank you for doing an Excellent Job

Hurricane IrmaThis comment is directed to Heather Paton, all of our SIPOA staff members, all members of the Board of Directors and everyone involved with Tidelines.  Ray and I thought that the communications during Hurricane Irma were excellent and timely.  We were already away from Seabrook in Washington, DC but the communications helped us to understand what was happening and to take steps accordingly.  We elected to stay to the north and came only as far south as the Richmond, VA area.  We stayed there for several days before returning to Seabrook, but we had an excellent notion of what to expect.  Staff has been terrific after the storm as well.  The clean up has been terrific with the island getting back to ‘normal’ very quickly.  While we know it will take time to complete the collection of debris and repair the damaged boardwalks, the work already done is tremendous.  The security staff was very efficient in getting me a gate pass for my rental vehicle and you’ve been very tolerant as we continue to clean up from the flooded garage.  It was wonderful to see so many of the suggested improvements discussed after Matthew put into place so quickly and flawlessly.

Thank you again for all of your hard work.

–Submitted by Janet Gorski