After Green Day Comes “Afterglow”

Are your friends talking about their Green Day adventure on Saturday? Are you sorry you missed the celebration of our 25 Green Space Conservancy properties that the people of Seabrook Island own?

A special courtesy permit is allowing the Conservancy to continue to display signs until Tuesday, September 26. Stop by the Lake House to pick up a Green Day map of our Green Spaces and travel the island in search of them all. You may be surprised with the number of preserved properties you pass every day without knowing it.

The Conservancy was designed to accept individual properties from donors as well as to raise funds to purchase specific sites that are part of the organization’s strategic plan. The overall goal is to protect Seabrook Island’s unique natural environment by targeting undeveloped land with high visibility, wildlife corridors and scenic vistas.

Remember to look for SIGSC’s special logo designed by Mary Whyte on each of the signs through September 26. Enjoy a little Green Day afterglow and, as always, please refer to our website at for more information.

-Submitted by Lisa Hillman

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2 Responses to After Green Day Comes “Afterglow”

  1. Patricia Linton says:

    Super fun experience finding all the donated properties and learning their histories. Enormous effort and delightful party subsidized by GreenSpace board members with 110% execution! So proud to have donated 2 lots to both protect my privacy AND enhance OUR island for all. Thank you GreenSpace Conservancy!

  2. What a wonderful day to visit the beautiful properties. Many residents participated and came for good food and drink after. Lisa Hillman and her team did a great job showcasing the green spaces and informing everyone how they were obtained. Would love to see more events like this.

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