Jim Bannwart, Candidate for Utility Commissioner

Jim Bannwart is seeking re-election to the Seabrook Island Utility Commission. He was previously elected to the Commission in 2011 and is currently completing a six-year term of office. He has served as Chairman of the Commission for just over one year.

Jim received his BS degree in Civil Engineering in 1967 from the Air Force Academy. He then obtained his MS degree in civil engineering from the University of Missouri in 1972. He served over 22 years as a civil engineering officer in the US Air Force, retiring as a full Colonel in 1989. He then went to work at the Upper Ocoquan Sewage Authority, a public utility providing water reclamation services in Northern Virginia. He worked at the 54mgd (million gallons per day) facility for over 16 years, serving as it Executive Director during his final 6 years. He retired in 2006.

After relocating to Seabrook Island in 2006, Jim became actively involved with the SIPOA, serving on various committees involved with island infrastructure. From 2009 through 2012 he served on the SIPOA Board of Directors and chaired the General Operating and Maintenance Committee for 4 years. He continued to serve on various SIPOA committees and projects after being elected to the Utility Commission.

Over the past 6 years on the Commission, Jim has been committed to providing safe, reliable and cost efficient water and wastewater services to Seabrook Island and its other customers, including Bohicket Marina, Freshfields Village, Cassique and Kiawah River Estates. Through the dedicated service and performance of its contractor, Hawthorne Services, the Utility Commission avoided any interruption of service during both Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. He wants to continue serving on the Commission to complete ongoing activities, including contract negotiations for continued service by Hawthorn Services and provision of additional equipment to enhance reliability during emergency response situations.

-Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Staff Writer





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