John Reynolds, Candidate for Town Council

John Reynolds decided to run for Town Council after several people encouraged him to do so. When they suggested that his skill set would adapt well to Town Council projects, he decided to go ahead and throw his hat in the ring and see what he could do to serve the community.

John has been in Seabrook Island since 1988, a full-timer since 2010.   He has degrees from Rhode Island College (BA) and Andover Newton Theological School where he got a Masters in Divinity. He has been an active member of the Civil Rights movement since he was a very young man, serving for several years as a staff member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference under the direction of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

John feels his background in the Civil Rights movement has been crucial to the development of his negotiating and organizational skills. Also helpful will be his experience working in a municipal environment, having implemented the City of Providence’s first recycling program.  John has been an active member of the Seabrook Island Community for several years now, serving on the Spinnaker Association Board for three terms. He has also been the team leader for CERT for the past five years. The CERT experience is particularly helpful to him as the Town deals with hurricanes and other natural disasters.

John feels strongly that he wants to preserve the beauty of Seabrook Island, its beaches, green space and wildlife. He wants to maintain what we have, and he also wants to ensure that the three entities of the island, the Club, POA and Town, continue to work together as they have over the past several years on strategies to protect our island. John feels we have to work together to find solutions for a future that may not be so far off.

-Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Staff Writer




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