Town Council Meeting Agenda December 19, 2017



December 19, 2017, at 2:30 pm at Town Hall


  1. Pledge of Allegiance-Call to Order-Roll Call-Freedom of Information
  2. Minutes
    • Town Council Minutes of November 28, 2017
    • Ways & Means Committee Minutes of December 12, 2017
  1. Financials –  For the Month of November 2017
  2. Citizens/Guests Presentations, Comments
  3. Reports of Standing Committees, Commissions, Board:
    • Public Safety – John Gregg
    • Public Relations/Communications – Skip Crane
    • Special Projects/Beach Administration – John Wells
      • Request for Funding for Beach Monitoring Program – Approximately $9,000
    • Community and Government Relations – Jeri Finke
    • Ways & Means
    • Planning Commission
    • Board of Zoning Appeals
  1. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:  None
  2. Reports of Town Officers:
    • Mayor
      • Approval of Town Meeting Dates
      • Appointment of Town Attorney
      • Appointment of Town Clerk
      • Reappointment of Public Safety Committee Members Term to Run Concurrent with the Mayor’s Term – Expires November 2019 – John Gregg, Ed Maher, John Fox, Allan Keener, Rob Savin
      • Appointments to Planning Commission
        • Reappointment of Wayne Billian for a Term to Expire December 31, 2019
        • Reappointment of Robert Driscoll for a Term to Expire December 31, 2019
      • Appointment to Board of Zoning Appeals
        • Appointment of Ava Kleinman to Finish David Osborn’s Term to Expire on December 31, 2020
        • Reappointment of Robert Quagliato for a Term to Expire on December 31, 2022
      • Approval of Changes to the Town Zoning Map
    • Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator
    • Town Council Members
    • Utility Commission
  1. Petitions Received, Referred or Disposed of:   None
  2. Ordinances for First Reading:    None
  3. Ordinances for Second Reading:
    • Ordinance 2017-05, An Ordinance to Rezone 2718 Old Oak Walk from Single Family Residential to Agricultural-Conservation
    • Ordinance 2017-06, An Ordinance Amending the Town of Seabrook Island Employee Information Packet so as to Revise the Policies and Procedures Related to the Provision of Insurance Benefits for Active and Retired Employees of the Town of Seabrook Island
  1. Miscellaneous Business
    • Resolution 2017-07, A Resolution authorizing the Temporary Discharge of Firearms by the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (“SIPOA”) within the Town of Seabrook Island for the Purpose of Thinning the Deer Herd
  1. Citizens Comments
  2. Adjourn


Submitted by Faye Allbritton, Town Clerk

Comments or questions should be directed to the Town of Seabrook Island.

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