Correction to Important New Information from DHEC-ORCM


TO ALL: I want to make a correction to the December 17 post on Tidelines because I reversed the descriptions of the two types of beach lines. Here is the description of the lines from the DHEC-ORCM website:

“DHEC establishes two lines of beachfront jurisdiction – the baseline and the setback line. The baseline is the more seaward of the two jurisdictional lines, while the setback line is the landward line.”

So to recap: If you have a structure BEHIND the setback line (that is, farther away from the shoreline/landward, from the setback line), then you are not affected. If you have a structure BETWEEN the setback line and the baseline, then you must get permission from DHEC-ORCM to build or remodel. If you have property IN FRONT OF the Baseline, then you cannot build anything new.

While the purpose of this post was to advise everyone who is affected by the beach lines that they may want or need to file a document with DHEC by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, December 26, 2017, I apologize for the error.

To learn more about the lines, please visit the South Carolina DHEC-ORCM website at:

Thanks to Lamarr Phillips for noticing this error.

Submitted by Ed Houff, SIPOA President

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