Seabrook Island POA Thanks Volunteers

The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association hosted a party to thank the more than 75 people who volunteer on committees and boards. The Lake House  was the scene of the celebration on Tuesday night with hors d’oeuvres and adult beverages available. To liven up the festivities, the guests were treated to the SIPOA Board and the SIPOA Staff participating in a contest. The goal was to guess which board or staff member had done something no one would imagine that they did.

Well, the guests certainly learned some interesting information about the board and staff and those present could consider a little friendly blackmail with these tidbits.

Who knew that one member, in her Scottish Dancing class, stepped on her own foot and wiped out all 20 dancers lined up next to her? That would be Heather Paton, our SIPOA Executive Director. Caution to all: stand clear when she is doing the Highland fling.

How about a board member who knows all the words to Beyoncé’s song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)? That would be Phil Squire. Don’t let him near a karaoke machine!…or maybe you should hire him to entertain at your next party!

Who won a statewide disco dance competition? Could it be Julie McCulloch? Don’t let her near you on a dance floor when John Travolta is around.

Need a homegrown burglar? Dennis Pescitelli got locked out of a condo in Myrtle Beach while evacuating for Irma (Side note: Isn’t that where Irma actually went?) so he went on YouTube to learn how to pick locks and got in. Now that is some skill to have!

It went on and on with Deborah Robinson moderating and keeping everything under control.

This event was a great way to honor all those Seabrookers who do so much to contribute to our island. Without all this help, our island would not run as well or as efficiently. It was a wonderful thanks to everyone, a lot of fun, and much appreciated by all.

-Sue Holloman, Tidelines Staff Writer

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