COVAR Seeks Nominations for President

The Council of Villa Associations and Regimes (COVAR) is now accepting nominations for the elected positioncovar-logo of President. We encourage potential candidates, who have a vested interest in facilitating COVAR interests on Seabrook, to submit a short background and interest summary to COVAR at The deadline for nominations is April 9, 2018.

The COVAR Board members are elected to serve a one-year term. Normally a ballot is presented and voted on prior to the COVAR annual meeting in March; however, the 2018 nomination process did not yield a complete ballot, lacking a candidate for President. The COVAR annual meeting was held on March 10, 2018, without a quorum of Associations/Regimes represented but with a consensus among those present that COVAR was a valuable, necessary entity. During and subsequent to the meeting, a number of individuals offered to fill the office of President. It was therefore decided to re-run the nomination process for President and a complete ballot would be presented to the voting member Associations/Regimes for their election.

All Associations/Regimes who have paid their 2017 annual dues are voting members of COVAR. A ballot will be presented to them on April 10th and voting will ensue through April 25th.

–Submitted by COVAR

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