SIPOA Announces New FastAccess Feature in ABDI Gate Access Software

Introducing the new “FastAccess” feature in our ABDI Gate Access software.

During the past two months we have been phasing-in various components of the ABDI software system.

Effective Friday, April 27th the “FastAccess” feature is active.  “FastAccess” is available on both and the App.

“FastAccess” enables a Property Owner to transmit gate-pass vouchers to guests in advance of their arrival.  The vouchers contain a QR code that can be printed by a guest before arrival or stored in their smart device.  When the guest arrives at the gate, the QR code is scanned by the Security Officers and a pass prints automatically.  Use of the vouchers enables our Security officers to create passes in about 10-15 seconds per pass!  That reduces processing time by almost 1 minute per pass!

More information on use of the Fast Access feature is available here.

Please note – this feature is for personal guests.  If you are expecting rental guests via your rental company and/or VRBO, the rental voucher system is already operational.  Information on that feature was included below. Also included below are answers to general questions we are routinely receiving regarding the gate access software.

If you need further info on rental guest passes or other access software issues, please contact the SIPOA office at

– Submitted by SIPOA Administration



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