Medical Emergency Air Transport

Did you know that a Town of Seabrook Island (TOSI) contract with the AirMedCare Network, which has been in place since 2016, provides a valuable free membership benefit to all individuals whose primary residence is Seabrook Island?

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Even with medical insurance, an air ambulance transport may leave patients and their families with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. When Emergency Medical Services responders determine that a resident of Seabrook Island requires air transport to a hospital from a medical emergency that occurs in Charleston County, the transport is typically provided by AirMedCare Network’s local air ambulance provider, Meducare Air, or another available affiliated provider. Because of TOSI’s contract with AirMedCare Network, residents who have health insurance at the time of transport will have no out of pocket expense for the Meducare Air flight. Meducare Air directly bills the insurance provider(s) and whatever they pay is considered payment in full. Patients not insured at the time of transport are billed at the “Medicare Allowable Rate.”

Are you interested in coverage for a medical emergency that occurs beyond the borders of Charleston County?

The TOSI contract with AirMedCare Network provides residents of Seabrook Island the option to upgrade to a full membership for only $35 per year for an entire household.  Purchasing the full membership extends your household’s AirMedCare Network coverage beyond the Charleston County limits to all of their service areas—320 locations in 38 states.

The annual membership upgrade for TOSI residents is currently $35, versus the annual rate below. Continuation of this benefit is subject to the annual contract renewal by TOSI. If you wish to secure and ensure multi-year coverage of this benefit, the options are:

  • Annual $85
  • 3 Year $240
  • 5 Year $395
  • 10 Year $765

If the resident is over the age of 60 or receives electricity through Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc., the following discounted rates apply.

  • Annual $65
  • 3 Year $185
  • 5 Year $300
  • 10 Year $575

For additional information on AirMedCare Network benefits and programs, contact Mr. Wes McAden at 843.708.6192 or