SIPOA Call for Candidates for the February 2019 Election

“Uncle Sam Wants YOU!”

Remember the slogan from WWII that made people stand up and take notice? Well, the SIPOA Nominating Committee is adopting that slogan for our island: SIPOA wants YOU!

We are asking you to step up and help us keep Seabrook Island the small piece of paradise it has always been. Remember why you moved here? We believe many of us recognized Seabrook Island’s uniqueness. We believe that one reason for this is our residents’ willingness to volunteer and serve on the SIPOA Board and Nominating Committee.

So who are we looking for?

  • We are looking for individuals who are willing to give of their time and creativity.
  • We are looking for individuals committed to keeping Seabrook the close community it is, as it continues to grow.
  • We are looking for individuals whose skill set matches a position on the Board.
  • We are looking for individuals for the Nominating Committee who have a large social network and have the time to dedicate to this important work.
  • We are looking for individuals who are creative, and who have the ability and willingness to present new ideas and help implement them for the good of the community.
  • We are looking for individuals who are willing and able to work well with others and demonstrate leadership skills while doing so.
In other words… SIPOA Needs You!

There are 5 seats on the SIPOA Board of Directors, each for three-year terms, and two seats on the Nominating Committee, each for two-year terms.

Please click here for the links to the Candidate Package, a short introductory video, Frequently Asked Questions, the application form, selection guidelines, committee descriptions and time commitments and other supporting documents.

So remember, SIPOA needs you!  Please give serious consideration to running for a Board or Nominating Committee position. Thank-you.

-Submitted by the SIPOA Nominating Committee