SIPOA Annual Survey

Please don’t forget to take the SIPOA Annual Survey. If you have already completed the survey, thank you.  If not, please click on the link below to share your thoughts.

The 2018 SIPOA Property Owner Survey is conducted to gather data (including comments, suggestions, recommendations, and opinions in general) to help the board, committees and staff address issues and concerns and set the direction for future planning and allocation of resources. The survey is intended to provide a holistic assessment of community opinion.

The importance of gathering information is clear. How that information is used is even more important. The survey is a “community voice.” Equally important are reporting back to the community what that “voice” said and how SIPOA can respond. All responses will be compiled, reviewed, and synthesized by the Data Gathering Subcommittee of the SIPOA Planning Committee, and reports will be made available to board members, board committees, staff, and all property owners. The themes revealed assist us as we prioritize goals and plan for the future, so we thank you in advance for your attention to this important task!

To access the survey, click here.

-Submitted by SIPOA