Turtle Patrol Report – Week Ending August 19

Nest 31!
Since it had been two weeks since the last nest, we were pleasantly surprised to find nest 31 this morning. Walkers Rob Jerome, Cathrine Scully, Sue Thomas and Mike Vinson reported the crawl and Valerie & Mark Doane responded to probe for the nest. The nest, located about 60 yards south of Boardwalk 3, was left in situ.

August 14th
Inventory Results – Nest 16
Nest 16 was found by Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, Cathrine Scully & Mike Vinson. It hatched in 52 days.
Shells 40
Unhatched eggs 51
Dead hatchlings 0
Live hatchlings 1
Total live 40
Hatch success 43.4%
Emergence success 42.3%

August 17th
Inventory Results – Nest 19
Nest 19 was found by Karen Sewell and Chris, Betsy and Sarah Quinn. It hatched in 52 days.
Shells 91
Unhatched eggs 9
Dead hatchlings 0
Live hatchlings 2
Total live 91
Hatch success 90.0%
Emergence success 88.1%

August 18th
Inventory Results – Nest 18
Nest 18 was found by Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds, and Sarah Quinn.
Shells 74
Unhatched eggs 19
Dead hatchlings 0
Live hatchlings 2
Total live 74
Hatch success 69.8%
Emergence success 67.9%

August 19th
Nest 17 was found by Stephanie Lea, Ann Carew & Lisa Murphy. While checking nest for softness it was clear that the nest had hatched and there were no viable eggs remaining.
Shells 76
Unhatched eggs 28
Dead hatchlings 0
Live hatchlings 0
Total live 76
Hatch success 72.3%
Emergence success 72.3%

Nest 31 Crawl




-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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