Recycling Rules!

You may have read recently about the mounds of trash floating in our rivers and oceans.  There is something you can do to help.  Below you will find the basic rules and tips for proper recycling.

What can be recycled:

  • Cardboard and paperboard – Any boxes that can be flattened, should be flattened.
  • Paper – Junk mail, envelopes (including window envelopes), newspapers and almost all other paper that can be torn will be accepted.  BUT, at least until the new Charleston Recycling Center is completed next year, no shredded paper will be accepted as it gums up the machines.
  • Plastic (#1-7) and all glass bottles – As long as they are rinsed clean and the caps can be left on.
  • Aluminum and steel cans – Even empty aerosol cans will be accepted.

What cannot be recycled:

  • No plastic bags or plastic wrap.
  • No loose shredded paper.
  • No scrap metal.
  • No styrofoam.
  • No liquids or food waste.
  • No rope-like items (including Christmas lights etc.)
  • No diapers or hazardous waste.
  • No propane tanks.

Household hazardous waste and e-waste (including batteries) should be taken to the maintenance center on the morning of the first Friday of each month.

If you wish to have a flyer from Charleston Recycling with this list, please contact me at or stop by the SIPOA office.

-Submitted by Richard Siegel


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