SIB Announces Fall Birding Activity Schedule

Once again, the Activity Committee of the Seabrook Island Birders has created an exciting selection of birding trips for the fall months, which include a great deal of diversity to appeal to a wide group of our members.

We hope you will consider joining us during one or more of these activities this fall as it meets your needs and schedule. There are many different events from which you can choose.  They include:

  • Learning Together – These events are normally led by residents who enjoy birding but may not be experts.  Our goal is to explore the various habitats of our island to see and hear as many birds we can find.  We are not always able to identify each species, but it is fun and it is all about trying to “learn together.” Some of the areas we may visit include:  North Beach, Palmetto Lake, Jenkins Point, Horse Pastures, Maintenance area and the Water Treatment Plant. Read each description for details on the amount of walking involved.
  • Backyard Birding – Each month a member of SIB hosts these events at their home to share the birds of their backyard.  In some cases, the home may sit on the beach, ponds, wooded areas, etc.  It is a variation of “Learning Together” as no trained naturalist is normally participating. A fun and casual event to meet your neighbors and enjoy their view of the birds of Seabrook Island (and in one instance Kiawah). This event normally has limited walking but may have stairs.
  • Birding the Golf Course – This is one of the most accessible events for our members. During this two + hour activity, we will ride in golf cars throughout one of our golf courses in search of birds!  (The course is closed to golfers on the day we select.) As you can image, different birds can be seen on each course and we can cover a lot of ground and enjoy the birds who love our golf course habitat.
  • Birding Beyond our Backyard – This fall we have planned more events off the island to visit areas known for birding.  Read each description to determine the level of activity and accessibility for each activity.  New this year is the Birding & Biking at the West Ashley Greenway and a walk at Bears Bluff Fish Hatchery on Wadmalaw Island.
  • Special Bird Count Day – On several dates each year, our club participates in national or global citizen science events to identify and document the birds on our island.  This fall we hope you will assist us for the first-ever “October Big Day” sponsored by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



Click here for the dates of these events as well as to register!  To learn more about Seabrook Island Birders, visit their website

-Submitted by Nancy Brown

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