SIPOA Michael Update #2, October 11

The following is an operational update from SIPOA.

Winds are abating slightly, but sustained winds of 20+ mph with higher gusts continue.

SIPOA security has requested that for your safety, please limit walking and driving around the island, as wind-borne branches and other debris could cause injury.

There is significant tree debris on the roadways.  SJFD has cleared the roads of the few trees that have fallen. SIPOA contractors will begin cleanup on Friday morning.

Security officers on patrol have not reported any observations of damage to homes.

Yard debris will be collected as scheduled on Monday. Leaves and tree debris under 4 feet long or 4 inches in diameter should be bagged and placed curbside before 7:00 am for collection.

Because this was a National Weather Service “named storm,” yard debris from regimes/associations will also be collected by SIPOA on Monday.  Debris must be placed at the nearest SIPOA-owned road right-of-way before 7:00 am, and small debris must be bagged as above.

– Submitted by Heather Paton, SIPOA Executive Director