Seabrook Island Club 2020 Election Results

Election results from  the Seabrook Island Club Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 15, 2020, are:

2020 Board of Governors
Doris Reinhart, President (SIRE Board)
Larry Buchman, Vice President (Operations Committee)
Norm Powers, Secretary (Equestrian and Marketing Committees)
Jim Zielinski, Treasurer (Finance Committee)
Bob Nerhood, Past President Ex-Officio (Nominating Committee)

Fred Finke (Golf Committee)
Scott Humphries
Frank McCann, Legal Counsel
Marsha Papanek (Racquet Sports Committee)
Kelly Peterson (Strategic Planning Committee)
Don Romano (Operations Committee)
Jamie Ryan (Membership Committee)
Barbara Vincentsen
Jeff Ward (House Committee)

Tidelines Editors

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