Are Seabrookers Cooking?

SAC banner mbfOne of the pleasures of living in the Charleston area is access to wonderful restaurants and eateries. For many Seabrookers, eating out is a frequent and favorite activity, but in this uncertain and scary time, we find ourselves spending time in the kitchen or on the grill preparing our meals at home instead. Are you getting tired of your tried and true recipes? Are you looking for simple, quick options? A recent article in The New York Times provides a guide to “Easy Recipes to Cook While You’re  Self-Quarantined.” Click here for a wide range of delicious ideas.

We think Seabrookers ARE cooking! Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Send it to us at We will publish what you send us with the caveat that we won’t be testing all of them… you’ll need to do that part! We look forward to receiving and sharing your favorite recipes.

To get us started, here is a “pantry supper” favorite from one of our Tidelines editors. This is a 5-ingredient (if you don’t count salt and pepper!) recipe that is an easy, last-minute dish to prepare with items you probably have on hand. Click here to see Angel Hair alla Vodka. Bon appétit!

Tidelines Editors