Turtles on Seabrook Island

As many of you know, we have a very robust Turtle Patrol Organization on Seabrook Island. Last year about 120 members walked the 4 miles of our beach.  The mama loggerhead turtles laid about  10,000  eggs, and about 7000  babies hatched from these eggs.

As you are sitting at home, you can learn more about the life cycle of turtles, click here.  In addition, these YouTube videos will give you information about turtles:

    • Finding Home: A Sea Turtle’s Life Explained
    • Sea Turtles 101  National Geographic
    • The Kiawah Conservancy’s 2015 Loggerhead Sea Turtle Documentary

To view these documentaries on YouTube, click here, and type in one of the above in the search bar.

When Turtle Patrol inventories a nest, they send a sample to The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for DNA testing.  Judy Morr compiles the following list about the Seabrook Island statistics. Please note that only 43 of the 90 nests inventoried last year have DNA data assigned to them

  • Those 43 nests had 34 different mothers.  Of these 34 mothers, 25 were first-time moms to Seabrook Island.
  • Mama #530 has laid 23 nests throughout the years, of which 21 were here on Seabrook Island (2 were last year.)  The other 2 nests were laid on Kiawah Island.
  • Mama #3435 had never come to Seabrook Island until this past year and then she laid 3 nests. In the past, she was on Folly Beach, Kawah and Lighthouse Island. (She got word about what a great place Seabrook is!)
  • Mama #6108 has laid all of her nests on Seabrook Island.  Two of them were last year.

To compare these results to 2018, click here.

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