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We, at Tidelines, are most grateful for and appreciate the support of our readers. We currently have over 2,000 subscribers which is great for a community of our size. However, there are many of our neighbors and visitors who do not currently subscribe to Tidelines and are missing out on the valuable information that Tidelines provides.

Tidelines is the official blog of the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association. The purpose of Tidelines is to facilitate a flow of information among individuals, SIPOA and its committees, the Town of Seabrook Island, and volunteer organizations on Seabrook. Tidelines provides its readers with information about the latest Town Council meetings, SIPOA Board meetings, SINHG presentations and trips, goings on around Seabrook and Charleston, extreme weather affecting Seabrook and local traffic issues.

During these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tidelines has become a helpful resource providing our readers with a plethora of virtual online activities and suggestions to help fill the days while we are staying at home. You can visit museums all over the world, see exotic zoo animals, go on virtual ghost tours in downtown Charleston, go birding, participate in virtual beach walks, get recommendations on recipes, books to read, and shows to stream, plus more.

So, if you know of friends or neighbors who do not currently subscribe to Tidelines, please encourage them to sign up and forward them this link, . That way, they too can take advantage of the valuable information Tidelines has to offer its readers.

Tidelines Editors

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