Do You Know…? Driving on the Island

Do you know… the speed limit changes at two different places on the island?

There is a collective effort to maintain the natural beauty of Seabrook Island. Unfortunately, that means we have some roadways with heavy vegetation and shade and others with bright sunlight. This, coupled with the many walkers, runners, and cyclers, leads to some issues when driving on our roads.

In order to keep our roads safe, SIPOA has established the following rules for driving on the island:

  • The speed limit is 25 mph except near the gate and in the area of the Island House, where it is 15 mph. The 15-mph limit is in proximity to the Island House and stretches from the Beach Club Villas to the Atrium Villas.
  • You may not pass a moving vehicle unless invited to do so by the driver of the slower-moving vehicle.
  • Passing on the grass adjacent to the roads is not allowed.
  • You may not use the oncoming lane at a traffic island to get around slower moving vehicles, bicyclists, joggers or walkers.
  • You must come to a full stop at stop signs.
  • Every driver signaled to stop for a security officer or public service provider on Seabrook Island must produce, upon request, a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration.

These are taken from SIPOA Rules and Regulations, Section III. D. 1. a – g.

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