Look Hoo We Found!

Early in January, several diehard members of Seabrook Island Birders were able to find a pair of Great Horned Owls and their potential nest at the conservancy lot on Cat Tail Pond Road on Seabrook Island, SC. In the past several months, the owls have been re-sighted by a number of people, both from the conservancy lot and from the golf course. Then in early April, Joleen Ardaiolo & Bev Stribling were thrilled to see an owlet peaking out from the nest as they did their weekly Eastern Bluebird Box monitoring on the golf course!

Even in the times of coronavirus and quarantines, it can be exciting to view the beautiful nature of Seabrook Island!

  • Great Horned Owl – Jackie Brooks
  • Great Horned Owl – Jackie Brooks
  • Great Horned Owlet- Dean Morr
-Submitted by SIB(Image credit: Jackie Brooks, Dean Morr)