Turtle Patrol Report Week Ending May 17

Tuesday, May 12
We have Nest 2!
6:29 am is apparently the magic moment! 2020’s first two nests were reported at exactly 6:29 am. Today, Tory Kindley reported a crawl about 150 yards north of Boardwalk 3. Judy Morr probed and we now have Nest 2, which was left in-situ.

Thursday, May 14
Gary Bowers was up early and called at 6:10 am with a crawl just past the new trash can north of Boardwalk 1. The Middletons responded and after much probing, marked it as a false crawl. The mama had to go around the old buoy anchor. (see attached photos from Glen Cox)


Friday, May 15
We have Nest 3!
Walkers Joe Ficarra and Jane Magioncalda called with a crawl 30 yards south of Boardwalk 3. Bill Greubel responded and quickly found the eggs. The nest was left in situ.

Saturday, May 16

We now have nest #4!
Brenda Zack found a crawl just past the old pier. Sandy MacCoss probed and found the nest. The 113 eggs were relocated to a safer location 20 yards north of the Camp St. Christopher boat shed.

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-Submitted by Gary Fansler