Message from Board President Dan Kortvelesy

SIPOA Banner June 2018

The following letter is from Dan Dan Kortvelesy, President SIPOA Board of Directors:

During these past 2 weeks SIPOA began the process of opening their facilities. But we must keep in mind that we not only started to open The Lake House and pools, but we planned to open these amenities in the safest possible manner. The guidelines that were implemented were based upon the best information available (public health recommendations, etc.). It was also recognized that we were just starting down a long road of what is a very fluid, constantly changing situation, always with the focus on opening and operating in the safest possible manner.

We have started this process by becoming familiar with many new procedures. Limiting the number of occupants, safe distances, waiting in lines, wearing masks, entering through one door and exiting through another…… We also need to applaud the efforts of The Lake House staff. They have handled this most difficult situation with their usual friendly, helpful manner. Thank them when you get the chance. Tell them you appreciate the work they are doing to provide you with the safest possible experience.

Can all this change be frustrating? Yes, it can. But again, we must remember that we are trying to provide the safest process for everyone’s benefit. I know that the vast majority of PO’s and guests have been respectful and patient as we begin the opening process. For those acts we thank you and appreciate your efforts very much. But some (very few) have voiced an unwillingness to follow the established rules and guidelines. They have created situations that put The Lake House staff, and others in their vicinity, in a position that they should not have to deal with. Please be aware that SIPOA will take any available action, including exclusion and/or assessments, to ensure that the staff and all users of the facilities are able to continue in the safest manner.

We all need to keep in mind that this process is subject to change as we proceed, but sometimes change does not occur as fast as we would like. We need to practice patience as we move through this time. And we also need to respect all the people that we are sharing this experience with. Stay safe!

Tidelines Editors