Turtle Patrol Report Week Ending May 31

The Turtle Patrol had a busy week with 4 nests and 6 false crawls. The Walkers also had to navigate around and through storms and rain on several days.

Monday, May 25
A busy holiday Monday with two nests and two false crawls.
Melissa Andrews called first with a crawl north of boardwalk 1. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found Nest 10. The nest was moved 60 yards further north. There were 125 total eggs but 2 were broken at the bottom of the nest.

Veronica L’Allier and Bob Mason then reported a crawl 80 yards north of boardwalk 7. Bill Greubel responded and found Nest 9 on his second probe. The nest had 88 eggs which were moved back and 15 yards further north.

Thursday, May 29J-Anna Smith reported a crawl north of boardwalk 1. Bill Greubel responded and found Nest 11 which was left in situ.

Sunday, May 31
Joshua and Amanda Shilko reported a crawl near the end of the bird nesting area on North Beach. Mark and Valerie Doane investigated and Valerie found the eggs with her first probe! The nest was below the high tide line and the 126 eggs were relocated 175 yards north of the trash can adjacent to Nest 10. After the satisfaction of discovering a nest, the Shilkos also enjoyed watching dolphins strand feed in the river.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler