Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending on June 7

Monday, June 1:
Nancy and Joel Pondelik called with a disturbance in the sand 150 yards north of the vehicle entrance. The Nelsons responded and, sure enough, it was an in and out, one on top of the other. Nest 13 was about 7 feet behind the escarpment so it was left in situ.


Thursday, June 4:
We have Nest 14! Pixie Hider and Lynne Madison found a promising crawl with thrown sand 200 yards north of boardwalk 3. The Middletons responded and found Nest 14. The 116 eggs were moved to a safer location above the high tide line.

Friday, June 5:
We have Nest 15! Alison Bowers went out early and reported a promising crawl about 10 yards north of the trash can on North Beach. Bill Greubel probed and found the deep nest. It was about 18 inches down! The 125 eggs were moved 25 yards north of the trash can and further back on the dune.

Saturday, June 6:
Nest 16 was reported by Karen Sewell & Betsy Quinn. It is located behind the 5th house north of the Club. Bill Greubel probed and found the eggs. Nest 16 was well above the high tide line and left in situ.
Joshua and Amanda Shilko found the crawl for Nest 17 which was located about 300 yards south of the old pier. Sandy MacCoss and Mike Vinson probed and found the eggs. The top eggs were shallow, but the nest was very deep and 158 eggs were moved to a safer area 20 yards north of the St Christopher boat shed. Judging by her tracks, depth of the nest and the large number of eggs, this was a large turtle.

Sunday, June 7:
Between 6:31 and 6:41 am, three crawls were reported and three teams of Probers were dispatched to the beach. Eventually, each crawl turned out to be a nest.
Rachel Carter and Karen Sewell called in first with a crawl right at boardwalk 6. Valerie and Mark Doane probed, with guidance from Bill and Linda Nelson who had the privilege of watching the mother turtle Saturday night. This was fortunate because both the in and out tracks did not lead directly to the nest. Elusive # 18 was left in situ.
Walkers, Rick and Francie Segal discovered the next crawl near the vehicle entrance from Camp St. Christopher. Bill and Eileen Middleton found the eggs for Nest 19, which was behind the front dunes and also left in situ.
Our lucky Walkers Joshua and Amanda Shilko, found the third crawl 250 yards north of the trash can on North Beach. They’ve found so many nests this year (4) that they’re no longer willing to have their picture taken. Something about needing their “private space” and the “burdens of celebrity”. Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda investigated and found Nest 20. This nest was located right on the high tide line and was relocated 10 yards further back. 107 eggs were reburied.

So far, we have eight nests in the first seven days of June.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler