Turtle Patrol Report for Week Ending July 5

Monday, June 29:
Kim Neath found a crawl 50 yards north of the trash can on North Beach. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found Nest 45. It was able to be left in situ.

Wednesday, July 1:

Sarah Dewey and Joanne Lewis had to walk all the way to the very end of North Beach to find a crawl near the dolphin watch box. While waiting for Mike Vinson to probe they had the pleasure of watching dolphins strand feed. It was worth the wait as Mike found Nest 46 and the 118 eggs were relocated to a safer spot about 40 yards north of the dog sign.

Thursday, July 2:
Carol Ann Hoffman reported a crawl 100 yards north of the trash can on North Beach. The Middletons responded and found Nest 47 which was left in situ.

Glen Cox came upon the mama for nest 47 at 5:55 this morning. His photos are attached. Thanks Glen!


Saturday, July 4:
Jennifer Passantino found 2 crawls on North Beach. Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda probed both crawls and found Nest 48, located just north of the trash can. It was left in situ. The other crawl was long and meandered from the ocean to the lagoon near the spit. After probing several possible body pits, it was determined this was a false crawl.

Marnie Ellis walked the southern end of the beach for the first time this season, hoping to find a nest. Sadly, in an area almost to the point she discovered a crawl, body pit and broken egg shells. Bill Greubel investigated and found 44 broken shells and no other eggs to relocate. He and Marnie both assumed that raccoons may have disrupted the mama while she was laying the eggs. The nest was shallow and not well formed.

Submitted by  Gary Fansler

(Image credit: Glen Cox, Turtle Patrol )