SIPOA Lake House Step Challenge

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Due to the current environment we all find ourselves in, we know that staying active can be a challenge. We would like to help.

The SIPOA Lake House staff have come up with a step challenge where our community can get active in fun ways and have a chance to win some prizes.

For information on how the challenge will be scored check out this video:

Lake House Step Challenge Scoring July 2020
Step Challenge Scoring

For more information and instructions on how you can track your steps, check out these videos:

Lake House Step Challenge Tracking Apple July 2020.
Tracking steps on an Apple device
Lake House Step Challenge Tracking Samung July 2020.
Tracking steps on a Samsung device


At this time, we would like gauge the community interest….Would you be interested in participating in a step challenge?

If so, please email

-Submitted by The Lake House