Seabrook Island Village Member Lauds Service Experience

On January 1, 2021 Seabrook Island Village marked its first anniversary. In the spirit of “neighbors helping neighbors” this organization has a team of 54 volunteers who provide a variety of services to their 29 members including simple household chores, transportation to medical appointments, prescription and grocery pick-ups, and friendly phone calls. During this inaugural year from January 1 – December 31, 2020, Seabrookers completed 239 service requests for other Seabrookers. Would you like to become involved as a member or a volunteer?

Barbara Burgess, co-founder of Seabrook Island Village (SIV), believed that there was a need for SIV when she first introduced this idea to our community in 2017, but never thought of herself as a person who would have a reason to become a SIV member.  Earlier this year, she decided to join when she heard about the various ways people have been helped and she shares the story of her recent experience to highlight the benefit of belonging to SIV. 

Unexpectedly one day, Barbara was diagnosed as needing a root canal. She recalled having several in the past and the experiences had not been pleasant. The thought of yet another one was overwhelming and frightening. Barbara decided to reach out to SIV to request transportation to the appointment and for the emotional support of a companion for this unnerving experience.

At the appointed time, a SIV volunteer was outside Barbara’s door, with the back car door open and waiting for her. Barbara noted that the car was immaculate and all COVID precautions were taken. During the ride, Barbara shared her concerns about having a root canal. The volunteer recognized Barbara’s trepidation, and so offered several relaxation techniques and gentle encouragement. 

Barbara found herself in the dentist chair using the imaging and breathing ideas that she and the volunteer had discussed.  As the dentist put the drill in Barbara’s mouth, Barbara felt a sense of calm saying to herself, “This isn’t going to be bad”. 

Driving home, Barbara realized she had nothing to eat all day, was hungry, and her mouth was quite sore. She asked the volunteer to please stop so that Barbara could purchase a soft, squishy muffin.  The volunteer not only stopped, but quickly hopped out of the car herself to get the muffin for Barbara.

Barbara found this SIV service experience to be a positive, memorable one and hopes to encourage other Seabrookers as the New Year begins to consider becoming a member or a volunteer or both with SIV!

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-Submitted by Seabrook Island Village