Mike Gorski and Friends 2021 Challenge for Backpack Buddies $100,000

Yes, he’s back again with more friends than ever before! He will definitely need them because this year Mike has set the goal at $100,000. The Challenge directly benefits Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island and the Backpack Buddies Group of Kiawah Women’s Foundation. Yes, that’s right folks, $100,000 for this great and much-needed worthy cause.

Mike Gorski, owner of Island Transportation, launched this project five years ago to help raise additional funds for both Backpack Buddies’ programs. Each year the Challenge has proven to be more successful raising funds for these two separate programs that serve so many children in need. Here is the yearly recap:

2017 – $ 8,800
2018 – $28,000
2019 – $40,000
2020 – $80,000

Mike is back once again this year with all 28 of last year’s friends and many new ones. To achieve the goal of $100,000, Mike needs to secure seven more new friends (sponsors) commt $1,000 each. His plan is to secure 50 total friends (sponsors) creating $50,000 in matching monies. He will then ask the residents of the islands, like in the past, to donate which will then be matched by the sponsors’ monies dollar-for-dollar. Please call Mike at 864-316-3894 if you can be one of the seven friends (sponsors). Look for future articles for a complete listing of friends (sponsors) including Mike’s clients, personal friends and fellow business owners. Their sponsorship is greatly appreciated and needed to make this Challenge a success.

Residents of Kiawah, Seabrook, and Johns Islands, while Mike is securing more sponsors, he is starting to accept donations now to obtain this lofty goal. As already stated, the friends are matching donations made dollar-for-dollar. It’s a win-win for both Backpack Buddies’ programs on the islands. All donations are tax deductible, as permitted by law.

To make a resident donation, call or text Mike Gorski at 864-316-3894 and tell him your donation amount. He will provide all of the details for the different ways that you can make your donation.

Thank you in advance for your support!

COVID-19 has brought unique challenges to every organization, especially to groups whose mission is to fight hunger like the Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island and the Backpack Buddies of Kiawah Women’s Foundation. These two organizations are both 501(c) 3 nonprofits whose mission is to feed local, hungry school children on the weekends. These children receive breakfast and lunch at school but are food insecure on weekends and school holidays. As you can imagine, they have had to adjust their distribution efforts to provide weekly bags of food to hungry children to include in person students along with also trying to reach virtual students. They are currently providing approximately 400 weekly bags to children on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands. At the request of community social workers, they are also assisting 30 of the most “at risk” of hunger households with weekly large family bags of groceries. As more students begin to go back to school, we anticipate our weekly bag count to return to 600 plus level.

-Submitted by Mike Gorski