Looking for an Easy Read?

Are you looking for some easy reading?  Linda Malcom of Indigo Books in Freshfields Village has suggested the following “light but entertaining read.”

The Windsor Knot by S. J. Bennett

As she nears her 90th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II is enjoying some time at Windsor Castle. Prince Charles has arranged a “dine and sleep” for a few dozen friends, complete with entertainment by a handsome Russian pianist (who also dances a mean tango). By morning, however, the young pianist is dead and the hunt is on to find the guilty party before the news becomes media fodder. Because the Queen and a Russian national are involved, certain investigators jump to a Putin connection. Before long, MI-5, MI-6, and the Metropolitan Police are involved.

The Queen (aka the Boss) is definitely not amused that her staff are suspect and isn’t so sure that the investigation is headed in the right direction. It seems that in the past the Boss has quite enjoyed pursuing investigations in her own quiet way behind the scenes, and with her Assistant Press Secretary, Rozie, she is on the case, all the while tending to the monarchy as well. All of the expected characters are here: Philip, the corgis, the horses, her retinue. She displays a quick wit and a playful sense of humor. Rozie, a decorated hero of the Afghanistan war, stalwartly serves as the Boss’s eyes, ears, and feet outside the Castle while the Boss contemplates options and outcomes.

This is the first of a projected series featuring QE2 as “Miss Marple.” Is this classic “literature?” Not at all. But it is a clever, British village cozy mystery, and the village just happens to be Windsor Castle.  It was a good, light read.

-Linda Malcolm, Indigo Books, Guest Columnist

(Photo credit: goodreads.com)

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