CodeRED Communication System

About thirteen years ago, the Town of Seabrook Island contracted with Emergency Communications Network (ECN) to make its CodeRED program available to Seabrook Island residents. CodeRED consists of two systems. The better known of the two is the weather advisory system. The second is a public communication system which allows Town officials to communicate with residents through a number of modes.

The CodeRED weather advisory system. The advisories are delivered though the CodeRED Weather Warning Service (CRWW Service) and include the automatic launching of prerecorded Weather Warning calls to those Seabrook Island residents who have “opted in” to the service. It is important to note that the CodeRED system’s proprietary mapping capability allows ECN to provide geographically targeted warnings, so you are only notified of events which are anticipated to affect vicinity immediately close to your residence address.

The CodeRED public communication system. This is an effective tool that in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster will permit Town officials to provide those residents who have elected to opt in to the system with customized emergency messages tailored to specific situations. This feature is particularly important for an event such as a hurricane which requires residents to evacuate to an off-island location making communication between Town officials and evacuated residents both difficult and imperative. During such an event, the Town will communicate to evacuated residents information regarding the extent of damage, the condition of the roads leading to Seabrook Island, availability of utilities, and when it will be both safe and appropriate to return home.

You can limit the way you receive the information to just phone, email, or text or receive it on all of them. You can also list several telephone numbers.

Here are two simple and quick ways to enroll:

  • Click here to visit the Town of Seabrook Island CodeRED signup page and follow the steps.
  • Text SEABROOK to 99411 to receive a direct link to the enrollment form on your mobile device.

For complete instructions on how to enroll and/or manage your account, click here.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

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