TOSI Clips: Town Council Meeting June 22

A video of the June 22, 2021, Town Council Meeting can be accessed online through the Town of Seabrook Island’s website. To view the 2 hour 29 minute video click here and select the Video link under June 22, 2021.

If you have limited time and are just interested in a specific topic, select that item from the list below to watch that particular part of the meeting.

Financials:   For the Month of May 2021

Citizen Comments:

Reports of Standing Committees, Commissions, Boards:

Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:

Reports of Town Officers:

Mayor – John Gregg

Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator – Joe Cronin

Utility Commission:

Ordinances for Second Reading:

  • Ordinance 2021-06: Ordinance 2021-06: Approving the Financing of the Improvement, Extension and Enlargement of the Water and Sewer System of the Town of Seabrook Island, South Carolina, through the Borrowing by the Town of not Exceeding $3,500,000, Including Capitalized Interest, if any, from the State Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Fund, by Agreement with the South Carolina Water Quality Revolving Fund Authority, Pursuant to Title 48, Chapter 5, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as Amended; Providing for an Agreement to Make and to Accept a Loan, the Execution and Delivery of a Loan Agreement between the Town and the South Carolina Water Quality Revolving Fund Authority, the Execution and Delivery of a Promissory Note from the Town to the South Carolina Water Quality Revolving Fund Authority; and other Matters Relating Thereto

Ordinances for First Reading:

  • Ordinance 2021-07: An ordinance amending the Zoning Map of the Town of Seabrook Island so as to change the zoning designation for Charleston County Tax Map Number 149-01-00-261, containing approximately 0.16 +/- acres located at 1817 Landfall Way, from the MF Multi-Family Residential District to the AGC Agricultural-Conservation District
  • Ordinance 2021-08: An ordinance amending the Development Standards Ordinance for the Town of Seabrook Island, South Carolina; Article 13, Permitting Applications and Procedures; Section 13.70, Building Permits; Subsection 13.70.20, Permit Time Limits; so as to amend the time limit for completion of construction following the issuance of a building permit
  • Ordinance 2021-09: An ordinance amending the Town Code for the Town of Seabrook Island, South Carolina; Chapter 2, Administration; Article III, Procedures, Committees and Ordinances; Division 2, Town Council; Section 2-75, Quorum; so as to allow a quorum of Town Council to be present either in person or by electronic means; and Section 2-92, Remote Voting; so as to allow remote participation and voting by members of Town Council

Miscellaneous Business:

Citizen Comments:

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

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