Prove Vaccine Status

There is a lot of discussion about how to show proof of receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine. Several options are available for having it with you since either the original, copies or photographs on a mobile device seem to be acceptable.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) had an interesting article last week about the different ways to store your vaccine card. Among the methods they mentioned are:

Take A Picture and Keep It In Your Phone. This seems like a good idea, but most of us have hundreds if not thousands of pictures on our cell phones. A good way to have easy access to it is to put the picture in the Notes App if you have an IPhone or use Google Drive if you have an Android. The WSJ article gives directions on how to do this.

• A State Sponsored Vaccine Passport. A few states, such as Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington and West Virginia offer MyIR Mobile App. New York has the Excelsior Pass. There are different requirements for each of these, but they do provide a digital record that can be verified.

• The Facility Where You Received Your Shot. Some places such as Walgreens, Sams Club and MUSC MyChart will have a record of your shot(s) and you can access a copy of it.

To read the full article from The Wall Street Journal, click here.

• Third Party Apps on Your Phone. Unless you are required to use a particular app, you may want to do some research before you put all of your health information into an app.

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