Off-Peak Season Beach Rules for Pets are Now in Effect

As of October 1, 2021, the town’s “off-peak” season rules pertaining to pets on the beach are now in effect.  Pursuant to Section 32-44 of the Town Code, also known as “Beach Rules for Pets Ordinance,” the beaches of Seabrook Island are divided into three zones. The requirements for each zone during the “off-peak” season are provided below:

Restricted Area (Red)

  • The restricted area begins at a line extending from Boardwalk #1 (Community Center Boardwalk) to the Atlantic Ocean and continues in a northeasterly direction to Captain Sams Inlet.
  • No pets shall be allowed within the restricted area at any time, whether on or off a leash.​

Limited Restriction Area (Yellow)

  • The limited restriction area begins approximately 300 yards northwest of a line extending from Boardwalk #9 (Pelican Watch Boardwalk) to the Edisto River and continues in a northwesterly direction to Privateer Creek.
  • Pets within the limited restriction area must be on a leash at all times.

General Beach Area (Green)

  • During the “off peak” season (October 1 – March 31), pets may be off-leash at all times, provided they remain effectively controlled while on the beach.

​As a reminder, when an animal is allowed to be off-leash, it must be effectively controlled by a competent person from: (a) entering any area on or adjacent to the beach in which a pet is prohibited; (b) destroying or damaging any property; (c) attacking or threatening to attack any person or any other animal or pet in any manner; or (d) being a nuisance to other beachgoers.

When a pet is required to be on a leash, it must be restrained using a physical restraint made of cord, rope, strap, chain, or other material effective for restraining the type and size of the animal to which it is attached. In addition, the physical restraint must be no more than sixteen (16) feet in length, secured to the animal’s collar or harness, and continuously held by a competent person physically capable of restraining the animal. Animals under voice control, or under control of remotely operated devices (such as electronic collars), are considered to be “off-leash.”​

The beaches of Seabrook Island are actively patrolled by code enforcement officers employed by the town during the “off-peak” season. Individuals who are found guilty of violating any ordinance of the town may be subject to fines up to $1,087.50 per offense (including court fees) upon conviction.

To report a violation during the off-peak season, please contact Town Hall at (843) 768-9121.
The town’s “off-peak” season rules will remain in effect until March 31, 2022. 

-Submitted by Joe Cronin, Town Administrator