Replacing Smoke Alarms

Twice a year when we change clocks to “spring forward” or “fall back” we are reminded to change the batteries in smoke alarms. But have you replaced the smoke alarms in your house in the last 10 years? If not, it’s time to consider doing so.

According to Captain Steve Mantie of the St. Johns Fire District, the technology for smoke alarms has improved and there are options suited for various types of homes. Do you know which type of smoke alarm is best for your home? If you have a gas appliance in your home, do you have a combo alarm that also detects carbon monoxide? Do you need help installing new smoke alarms or putting in new batteries? 

Captain Mantie is happy to help. Before you buy a new alarm, he will consult with you to determine the age and brand of your current smoke alarm and recommend a replacement that best meets your needs. Once you purchase a new smoke alarm, he can install it for you, as long as it doesn’t require changing the wiring.

Captain Mantie can be reached at (843) 559-9194 ext. 218. Just call and leave a message. He’ll get back to you to discuss your needs and if necessary, set up an appointment to visit your home.

The firefighters of SJFD are a wonderful resource for our community. Take advantage of their service today.

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