Vote Tuesday, November 2

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday, November 2, for Town of Seabrook Island candidates. Polls are open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm at The Lake House.

Due to the projected large number of absentee ballots, Tidelines will not be announcing the results of the walk-in ballots on Tuesday evening. We will be waiting until all the absentee ballots, including the ones cast at the pop-up Satellite Voting Unit (SVU), are counted along with the walk-in votes. As soon as we have the final results, we will post that information.

To see the biographies of all the candidates, go to our website – – and look at the dropdown menu which is close to the top.

This year we will be voting for the following:

Mayor, Seabrook Island                                                                               
(Vote for 1) (Allows Write-In)                                                                     
               John Gregg (Nonpartisan)                                                           

Town Council District, Seabrook Island                                                                  
(Vote for 4) (Allows Write-In)                                                                     
               Jeri Finke (Nonpartisan)                                               
               Patricia Fox (Nonpartisan)                                                           
               Barry R Goldstein (Nonpartisan)                                               
               Dan Kortvelesy (Nonpartisan)                                                    
               Sharon Welch (Nonpartisan) 

Combined Utilities Commissioner, Seabrook Island                                                                         
(Vote for 1) (Allows Write-In)                                                                     
               Lee Vancini (Nonpartisan)

To see a copy of the sample ballot, click here.

Voters must be registered in Charleston County and must be a resident of Seabrook Island. Don’t forget to bring your identification. Voters will be asked to confirm their address and provide one of the following photo IDs at their polling place:

  • a SC Driver’s License
  • an ID Card issued by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles
  • a SC Voter Registration Card with Photo
  • a Federal Military ID
  • a US Passport

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