Flooding on Seabrook – Part 1

The Communications Committee of the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) developed an education program focused on flooding and water management for Seabrookers to learn about managing risk. The program’s initial release contains three main components as well as resource information. In the coming days, we will be highlighting each of these in a separate post.

The pictures above were taken on Seabrook Island on Sunday, November 7, 2021. The flooding that occurred during those 2 or 3 days confirms the necessity for everyone to be aware of their flooding risk and what to do in the event that their road or home is flooded.

This first installment of this series includes the Overview and Flooding 101.

In the Overview, SIPOA explains that the Flood Education Program (FEP) is a series of focused communication events on topics related to Seabrook Island flood prevention and mitigation. The intention is to provide useful information and address flooding concerns on two fronts: individual homes and Seabrook Island. The FEP is all about raising awareness to help reduce residents’ home and property risk and damage caused by flooding. The effort is being led by the SIPOA Communications Committee with an FEP subcommittee.

Flooding 101 includes: 

Be aware, be safe.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit:  Josh Shilko)