Shortest Day of the Year – Dec 21

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 21 is the Winter Solstice when the Northern Hemisphere will have only 8 hours and 46 minutes of daylight. This marks the first day of winter. It is a short day, but the good news is that the days will then start getting longer!

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the Sun appears at its lowest in the sky, and its noontime elevation seems to stay the same for several days before and after this day. The Sun’s gradual decrease in the sky reverses upon the winter solstice, marking what many cultures believe to be a “rebirth” of the Sun as the hours of daylight become longer.

A couple interesting facts about the Winter Solstice.

  • The exact moment of this December solstice at 10:59 am in South Carolina. This means that  daylight will be 4 hours, 32 minutes shorter than on June Solstice.
  • Your noontime shadow during the Winter Solstice will be the longest noontime shadow of the year. In June, during the Summer Solstice, will be  your shortest noontime shadow. This is because the Sun is at different angles. The Sun’s low arc across the sky in winter causes objects to cast longer shadows. Go outside at noon and check it out!

For more information about the Winter Solstice,  click here

-Tidelines Editors

(Image credit: Britannica)